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  • Beaux 4:56 pm on November 25, 2014 Permalink  

    A Dog doing a Painting?!?! 

    Ever seen a dog do a painting? Maybe you have seen it on TV or YouTube. It’s taking off as a popular trick to train your dog. Some dogs are even painting pictures that are selling for good money as a unique art piece.

    How do they do it? Here is an example of a painting dog, Sammy from Shore Service Dogs

    In the video intro you can also see some of their other service dogs performing service tasks. The training methods used to teach these dogs are the same methods whether they are teaching their dog to put dishes in the sink, turn on the light, or paint a painting. You can teach your dog tricks (LINK: using the same methods as trainers use for assistance dogs. There are many places online that you can learn these skills but I recommend Dove Cresswell ‘s Dog Training Online

    So why would you want to train your dog to paint? Well if you’re like us, you love art and so you’ll probably enjoy sharing this with your furry friend if you have a dog. The quality time you spend with your dog is also invaluable and fun. Training provides bonding time plus has added benefits such as providing mental stimulation and helping your dog to be tired and satisfied at the end of the day. If you can’t take your dog for a walk, try some trick training. Mental exercise can make a dog even more tired than physical exercise.

    If teaching your dog to hold a paint brush proves a little too challenging at first, you might like to start with dog finger (well, paw print) paintings which just about any dog can do. Rather than teaching your dog to paint, it involves dipping your dog’s paws into the paint and letting them walk over the canvas. For smaller dogs you could even hold them up to the canvas and make a nice neat print. Here’s an entertaining example from YouTube star, Jenna Marbles:

    Whether you go for fun and easy with doggy finger painting or still fun, yet more challenging with teaching your dog how to paint with a paint brush, painting with your dog can be really rewarding. Make sure you use non-toxic paints and that you paint on a surface that you can easily clean afterwards. Last but not least, always make sure while painting and while training that both you and the dog are having fun and enjoying yourselves.

  • Beaux 4:31 pm on October 21, 2014 Permalink  

    My others form of inspiration (My lovely cat, Ali) 

    Wain_Cat_(realistic)I am a cat lover for about 40 years now. These gracious and inquisitive animals are always being a part of my environment. As an artist they provide a large source of inspiration for my art, cats being a subject very often used in my paintings. Of course, being a cat owner has unpleasant parts, alongside the pleasant ones. I will not be the only one saying this, but cleaning a litter box is the most undesirable thing to do, no matter what type of litter you use.
    Luckily, someone gave thought to all of us cat owners and created a litter box that is capable of cleaning itself. I am talking about the Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box. I said to myself that I have nothing to lose if I buy one, since it cannot get any worse than a traditional one. To my surprise it works according to its specification and worth all the money, which wasn’t a lot! My house is free of odors. Scooping clumped litter manually has become history, not to mention that the ingenious grill of this litter box is saving me a lot of money that I usually spend on litter. It works so easily. My cat goes in and has full privacy as the litter box is covered. The unique design of the grill on the box’s base separates the used litter from the clean litter and saves a ton of litter in the process. All I have to do is to roll the litter box upside down and remove the special compartment to throw away the waste. It takes just a few seconds and I don’t have to touch anything.
    Now my life together with my cat is perfect. The cat is happy, I am happy, my house is clean and I can focus more on creating my art pieces. I also recentrly read an article talking about the therapy that cat can provide and the inspiration change in autism child. Since my cat has always had a special place in my heart from the very first time I held him, my next painting will be about this gentle soul that is present in every day of my life, a painting that I am willing to share with you, alongside my testimonials about the object that made our lives more beautiful.


  • Beaux 1:18 am on October 19, 2014 Permalink  

    Update! Auction coming up! 

    Hi Art Lover,

    I just wanted to give you an update on my auction coming up. It is now confirmed I will be at the Empire Auctions in Montreal Dec. 7-8-9-10 :) If you would like to have more information about which piece of my collection I will let go, you can contact me here.

    I could not be more ecstatic about it. Please come and encourage art in its pure form.  I would love to meet my blog follower in person. If you are in the Montreal neighborhood please come and talk to me. For more information about the event you can go to the Auction official Website.

    Have a nice Weekend!


  • Beaux 1:00 am on October 19, 2014 Permalink  

    Art With Friends 

    Everyone is different in the way they work best when it comes to their art time. For many, being alone and enjoying the solitude is part of the appeal. You can get lost in your art work. It’s an escape. I find art therapeutic like that – I’m sure you probably agree!

    However, there is also some fun to be had by getting together and painting with friends. Sometimes a completely different artistic side comes out of you because you’re having a bit of light hearted fun!

    For example, the other day my friend Karen was over for a bit of a painting session over a wine, er, cup of tea…. Ok, it was wine. You’d be surprised at the results and ideas you can get for your art even though you are having a chat and a laugh. It may not be the most precise painting, or the most serene but you might come up with an artistic flair you didn’t know you had!

    For example, Karen and I were talking about girl talk: specifically, a lack of libido when it comes to the bedroom. I remembered seeing some HerSolution Reviews online about a product that increases female Libido.

    Art with friendBeing a bit of a naughty topic, we had a lot of laughs but the interesting part is that I found myself experimenting with some really spunky colours like hot pink and purple in a bit of an abstract experiment. I guess these were just the colours that came to mind over such a feminine conversation! We were just chatting away laughing out heads off and exchanging tips and next thing I knew, Karen looked at what I had been casually working on and said, “Hey! That looks amazing!” Without even really thinking about it I had managed to create an abstract art piece that was brimming with bright and bold colors!

    So I’m still here, finishing off this great abstract painting, but now I am alone. I think Karen rushed home to Buy HerSolution!

  • Beaux 12:49 am on October 16, 2014 Permalink  

    My daugher’s pregrancy! 


    My Daughter’s Pregnancy!

    As many of you may already know my daughter’s is pregnant with her first child and we are all ecstatic about it. I will be a grand-mother for the first time!!! I can’t wait to teach this little one the art of painting and to transmit my passion for fine art to him or her. Yeah, my daughter is one of those people that prefer to keep the sex of the baby secret until.. until he/she pops up. For me, it does not really matters because I will be happy with both but my son in law is a planner and would love her to pass the verdict test.

    Anyhow, as my lovely daughter is going up and downs about pregnancy she decided to write a book that talk about all the subject that are not in conventional maternity book. Believe me she read all of those conventional ones and she build a list of all subject that she considered but were not cover in those book. The list of topics is quiet extensive, and I guess we don’t really realize that 9 months is a hell of a long time and that a lot of things happen.

    She is really green and social responsible so her book is include all natural products and green tips like using venapro as a Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids, natural flatulence relief, migraine and intense headache solution, baby’s kicks, natural hemorrhoid relief, blood lost and more.

    She also go through an extensive chapter of product reviews that include some well know brand like pampers, Venapro Reviews and a list of Venapro ingredients, seven generation, pablum and more.

    I invited you to visit one of her famous website to read her Venapro Reviews and to look out for the launching of her book really soon.

    For my part, I see a lot of baby painting and portrait in my futures and I could not be more about it. I you want to know more about my passion for portrait painting click here. I promise you a family portrait of her husband, her and her lovely belly pretty soon (I am still working on some color sheme for the decor).

    Until then, as always

    With Love


  • Beaux 8:49 pm on September 24, 2014 Permalink  

    My Inspiration 

    Everytime I go to art event people ask me how and where do I find my inspiration for painting.

    This is a really good question, that I am quiet never really ready to answer. I am inspired by so many things around me but I guess I should start by the beginning.

    As you may know, I start painting pretty late in my life (mid-twenty) when my mom passed away. I don’t think that anyone can be ready for a shock like that even more when it is in a sudden accident. I would not get into the detail here but I want to share you with you the first women that has inspiring me to pursue my love for art. To make it my living, my passion, my everything (after my husband, of course).

    This women is Cecilia Beaux and she is the inspiration behind my blog which is an extension of my art. I found a pretty interesting video on youtube that I want to share with you today so you can better understand my inspiration, my art and by defacto me !



    You can find more information about Cecilia Beaux online but I consider the National Musueum of Women in the Art is a pretty good start to discover her (and many other powerful women of art <3)

    I love portrait because I find them so much more true than picture. Especially nowadays when everyone is tricking theirs pictures with online tools. Also, what is beautiful is that portraitists have to really learn to discover a person really. I like to think at portraitist as smart psychic reader because they have to rapidly interpret the personality of a person and start drawing. It is pretty rare that the portraitist got the occasion to really know personally the person they are about to paint.

    Voila! I finally answer a question that I was not quiet able to answer for a long time. I guess bloging have bring clarity to my life. Thank you for following me.





  • Beaux 5:09 pm on September 17, 2014 Permalink  

    Problem in My Castle 

    probleminthecasltebeauxpaintPainting has been my inspiration and my refuge to get through things as they appear in my life. Some people use yoga, meditation, exercises or even boxing to explore their sentiments and emotions. I paint and I there it the only way that I can get trough life truly and purposely.

    I never taught that a minor health trouble (warts on my hand) could stop me from doing what I love and what I have been on this planet to do.

    In order not to become crazy and doing other things this week I revisited notes from art school about how to find inspiration and why it can be important to take break from your art. It was kind of a revelation. Then this is what I have decided to accomplish while my health get better.

    A. Explore Nature

    That’s right, nature is full of inspiration and there is nothing more special than a lonely excursion in nature.

    B. Take care of myself

    I almost forget to talk about it! Maybe because it work as a charm and is painless. Like I mention before I have had warts before and after reading a Watrol Reviews I finally found the best solution. This time I know what to do (yeah, it’s the second time) and I already have at home. It is easy to use and work really good really quickly. Some people are ashamed of warts, but after reading on it I just believe that some people are more sensitive than others to this type of virus.

    C. Listening to Music

    Music is the peace of the soul. Some say it is Silence but in my case silence drive me crazy. I need this melody and smooth rhythm in my life now more than anything.

    D. Coconut Oil

    Yep, maybe you think I have gone nuts but coconut oil is magical to rejuvenate your skin. I literally put coconut oil everywhere!

    The good news is, I am writing this blog mid week and I am almost ready to get back to work :)

    Next week, I am going be the first speaker for the opening of an art gallery in Normandin. I am so excited as 3 of my painting will be sold at the charity auction. Also, the guess list is pretty impressive for a small community like Normandin. Some international Canadian figure will also be present. I will definitely post some picture and follow up on this with you later. Until then, let art flow in your life and inspire other with your creation

    With love, like always



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    Another year, another adventure to come! 

    revitol reviews Maybe it is because we are close to my birthday and that I am turning 40 but I have been painting women, middle age women to be more specific for about a month now. Like a lot of other women my age, every year bring it part of struggling because we have to add up another year, another digit number to this eternal growing number…

    Don’t get me wrong I am really happy with my life, and pretty happy to be my age (most of the time) but the time around my birthday are always the one that bring me back to earth and bring me to analyze where I am in life. Interestingly enough it also bring me to take a good look at me in the mirror and ask myself: Did I get new wrinkles? Are my eye puffier? Did I got new dark spots? Lol! Nevertheless, I have to admit that I am pretty amaze by the result of my eye cream. I have been using religiously using the best rated eye call Revitol Eye Cream in a magazine and never look back. That was love at first “try”.

    Even if I am proud of my appearance this period of the year bring question and inspiration that translate into my art of course. This morning I was really inspired and I start painting without really knowing what the result would be like. After lunch, I came back to my studio to finally realize that the women I have painted was pretty much me…. Quiet disturbing… because that was the first time that I painted myself and this unconsciousness.

    One of my favorite art website, the jakartaglobe was celebrating middle age fine art not long ago. This could be also another influence that translate into my painting.

    Source :

    Revitol Reviews

  • Beaux 9:54 pm on August 19, 2014 Permalink  

    My Most Creative Time! 

    ZQuiet Review

    As many of you already know my best creative time of the day is in the middle of the night. I usually go to bed around 11pm and I usually got wake up by my husband around 2 because of his strong snoring issues. I love him to the moon, but sometimes I am annoy that his sleep habit keep me up at night. Nevertheless, even if I found myself being grumpy while getting out to bed for lack of being able to get back to sleep I usually step in my office and start painting. Honestly, I have produced my best pieces in the middle of the night on the melody of my husband snoring.

    However, everything as change since last month when my mother-in law decided to buy the best snoring mouthpiece after reading a ZQuiet review website.

    Guess what? It work miraculously and since he did not, even once, wake me up in the middle of the night…. so I did not work or paint under the sky like I am use too. Should I start to be worry about the outcome of this change in our life on my work?? NO, because I believe it is a gain for a lost because now I wake up in the morning well rest and I am actually becoming more a morning person (which I was never before). I created some really piece of work in the last week and I even start painting in nature which is something really new for me. I have discover another side of this amazing art, nature inspiration. Read my next post to learn about one of my new line of work.


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