Problem in My Castle

probleminthecasltebeauxpaintPainting has been my inspiration and my refuge to get through things as they appear in my life. Some people use yoga, meditation, exercises or even boxing to explore their sentiments and emotions. I paint and I there it the only way that I can get trough life truly and purposely.

I never taught that a minor health trouble (warts on my hand) could stop me from doing what I love and what I have been on this planet to do.

In order not to become crazy and doing other things this week I revisited notes from art school about how to find inspiration and why it can be important to take break from your art. It was kind of a revelation. Then this is what I have decided to accomplish while my health get better.

A. Explore Nature

That’s right, nature is full of inspiration and there is nothing more special than a lonely excursion in nature.

B. Take care of myself

I almost forget to talk about it! Maybe because it work as a charm and is painless. Like I mention before I have had warts before and after reading a Watrol Reviews I finally found the best solution. This time I know what to do (yeah, it’s the second time) and I already have at home. It is easy to use and work really good really quickly. Some people are ashamed of warts, but after reading on it I just believe that some people are more sensitive than others to this type of virus.

C. Listening to Music

Music is the peace of the soul. Some say it is Silence but in my case silence drive me crazy. I need this melody and smooth rhythm in my life now more than anything.

D. Coconut Oil

Yep, maybe you think I have gone nuts but coconut oil is magical to rejuvenate your skin. I literally put coconut oil everywhere!

The good news is, I am writing this blog mid week and I am almost ready to get back to work :)

Next week, I am going be the first speaker for the opening of an art gallery in Normandin. I am so excited as 3 of my painting will be sold at the charity auction. Also, the guess list is pretty impressive for a small community like Normandin. Some international Canadian figure will also be present. I will definitely post some picture and follow up on this with you later. Until then, let art flow in your life and inspire other with your creation

With love, like always