My Inspiration

Everytime I go to art event people ask me how and where do I find my inspiration for painting.

This is a really good question, that I am quiet never really ready to answer. I am inspired by so many things around me but I guess I should start by the beginning.

As you may know, I start painting pretty late in my life (mid-twenty) when my mom passed away. I don’t think that anyone can be ready for a shock like that even more when it is in a sudden accident. I would not get into the detail here but I want to share you with you the first women that has inspiring me to pursue my love for art. To make it my living, my passion, my everything (after my husband, of course).

This women is Cecilia Beaux and she is the inspiration behind my blog which is an extension of my art. I found a pretty interesting video on youtube that I want to share with you today so you can better understand my inspiration, my art and by defacto me !



You can find more information about Cecilia Beaux online but I consider the National Musueum of Women in the Art is a pretty good start to discover her (and many other powerful women of art <3)

I love portrait because I find them so much more true than picture. Especially nowadays when everyone is tricking theirs pictures with online tools. Also, what is beautiful is that portraitists have to really learn to discover a person really. I like to think at portraitist as smart psychic reader because they have to rapidly interpret the personality of a person and start drawing. It is pretty rare that the portraitist got the occasion to really know personally the person they are about to paint.

Voila! I finally answer a question that I was not quiet able to answer for a long time. I guess bloging have bring clarity to my life. Thank you for following me.