My daugher’s pregrancy!


My Daughter’s Pregnancy!

As many of you may already know my daughter’s is pregnant with her first child and we are all ecstatic about it. I will be a grand-mother for the first time!!! I can’t wait to teach this little one the art of painting and to transmit my passion for fine art to him or her. Yeah, my daughter is one of those people that prefer to keep the sex of the baby secret until.. until he/she pops up. For me, it does not really matters because I will be happy with both but my son in law is a planner and would love her to pass the verdict test.

Anyhow, as my lovely daughter is going up and downs about pregnancy she decided to write a book that talk about all the subject that are not in conventional maternity book. Believe me she read all of those conventional ones and she build a list of all subject that she considered but were not cover in those book. The list of topics is quiet extensive, and I guess we don’t really realize that 9 months is a hell of a long time and that a lot of things happen.

She is really green and social responsible so her book is include all natural products and green tips like using venapro as a Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids, natural flatulence relief, migraine and intense headache solution, baby’s kicks, natural hemorrhoid relief, blood lost and more.

She also go through an extensive chapter of product reviews that include some well know brand like pampers, Venapro Reviews and a list of Venapro ingredients, seven generation, pablum and more.

I invited you to visit one of her famous website to read her Venapro Reviews and to look out for the launching of her book really soon.

For my part, I see a lot of baby painting and portrait in my futures and I could not be more about it. I you want to know more about my passion for portrait painting click here. I promise you a family portrait of her husband, her and her lovely belly pretty soon (I am still working on some color sheme for the decor).

Until then, as always

With Love