Art With Friends

Everyone is different in the way they work best when it comes to their art time. For many, being alone and enjoying the solitude is part of the appeal. You can get lost in your art work. It’s an escape. I find art therapeutic like that – I’m sure you probably agree!

However, there is also some fun to be had by getting together and painting with friends. Sometimes a completely different artistic side comes out of you because you’re having a bit of light hearted fun!

For example, the other day my friend Karen was over for a bit of a painting session over a wine, er, cup of tea…. Ok, it was wine. You’d be surprised at the results and ideas you can get for your art even though you are having a chat and a laugh. It may not be the most precise painting, or the most serene but you might come up with an artistic flair you didn’t know you had!

For example, Karen and I were talking about girl talk: specifically, a lack of libido when it comes to the bedroom. I remembered seeing some HerSolution Reviews online about a product that increases female Libido.

Art with friendBeing a bit of a naughty topic, we had a lot of laughs but the interesting part is that I found myself experimenting with some really spunky colours like hot pink and purple in a bit of an abstract experiment. I guess these were just the colours that came to mind over such a feminine conversation! We were just chatting away laughing out heads off and exchanging tips and next thing I knew, Karen looked at what I had been casually working on and said, “Hey! That looks amazing!” Without even really thinking about it I had managed to create an abstract art piece that was brimming with bright and bold colors!

So I’m still here, finishing off this great abstract painting, but now I am alone. I think Karen rushed home to Buy HerSolution!