My others form of inspiration (My lovely cat, Ali)

Wain_Cat_(realistic)I am a cat lover for about 40 years now. These gracious and inquisitive animals are always being a part of my environment. As an artist they provide a large source of inspiration for my art, cats being a subject very often used in my paintings. Of course, being a cat owner has unpleasant parts, alongside the pleasant ones. I will not be the only one saying this, but cleaning a litter box is the most undesirable thing to do, no matter what type of litter you use.
Luckily, someone gave thought to all of us cat owners and created a litter box that is capable of cleaning itself. I am talking about the Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box. I said to myself that I have nothing to lose if I buy one, since it cannot get any worse than a traditional one. To my surprise it works according to its specification and worth all the money, which wasn’t a lot! My house is free of odors. Scooping clumped litter manually has become history, not to mention that the ingenious grill of this litter box is saving me a lot of money that I usually spend on litter. It works so easily. My cat goes in and has full privacy as the litter box is covered. The unique design of the grill on the box’s base separates the used litter from the clean litter and saves a ton of litter in the process. All I have to do is to roll the litter box upside down and remove the special compartment to throw away the waste. It takes just a few seconds and I don’t have to touch anything.
Now my life together with my cat is perfect. The cat is happy, I am happy, my house is clean and I can focus more on creating my art pieces. I also recentrly read an article talking about the therapy that cat can provide and the inspiration change in autism child. Since my cat has always had a special place in my heart from the very first time I held him, my next painting will be about this gentle soul that is present in every day of my life, a painting that I am willing to share with you, alongside my testimonials about the object that made our lives more beautiful.